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New Years’ Goals-

Well, Christmas has come and gone. New Years is but a memory. It’s time to start the year with fresh goals for the next 12 months. Generally, I have two writerly objectives: get an agent/get published and second, outline and research the next book in my series that began with PROBABLE CAUSE.
That said, I have two humble irons in the fire at this writing. First, is interest from the Maria Caravainis Agency to look over 100 pages of my story. Second is a HarperCollins publisher requested to look at my manuscript. It should be on the editor’s desk when she returns from Christmas vacation on January 3rd. The literary agency was also on a break but should have my 100 pages upon their return also on January 3rd.
Yeah, yeah, yeah—heard all that before.
What’s new—NOW?
Good question. I’m busy lining up my next agent queries. If HarperCollins isn’t interested, I’ll focus on finding an agent. He or she can search for the right publisher, negotiate the right deal and generally look out for my virginal (literary, that is) interests.
In the mean time, I’m drafting the story into a plot. I’m using Martha Alderson’s website and videos as well as William Nobel’s book, Conflict, Action & Suspense.
Research will be fun, interesting and a challenge all rolled into one. My settings will be a sailboat, Mexico – haven’t determined where but it will be where drug cartels are active as that is a pivotal point in my story.
Another project I’m working on involves the Redwood Writers Club. I belong to this chapter of the California Writers Club and have been lassoed (okay, I volunteered) into putting together what we’re calling “Genre Meets” for lack of a more specific title. Here’s how it works: our first meeting will be a brainstorming session to define our individual and collective goals. We’re looking at forming critique groups, learning more about different types of publishing , landing an agent, building a platform, technology (it doesn’t have to defeat writers!) and many other pertinent topics. We will be getting together before the monthly General Membership meeting. I will announce the topic for the next group meeting weeks before usually on the club listserve. If you are interested in attending and are not a member, email me at
After our session, I’ll blog more about the results and how we can all benefit from this meeting.

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