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The purpose of this page is to educate writers of all genres to be accurate in their portrayal of law enforcement professionals

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My law enforcement career began at San Rafael (California) Police. At the tender age of twenty-one I started as a Parking Enforcement Officer. Now, 35 years later, I look back on a long and varied years in law enforcement. It was a career that fuels BY FORCE OR FEAR and all my stories. I spent nearly seven years on the street as a Community Service Officer and a three year stint as a Records Supervisor, but the bulk of my tenure has been as a dispatcher. During my years, I wrote several technical manuals. Because of my interest in writing, I have authored law enforcement related newspaper columns for the Inyo Register, Tri-City Times and the North Valley Times.  After spending so much time in the field, I’ve learned many things. My most useful lesson is that I’ll never know it all. There’s always research to be done, people to talk to, stories to write.

In BY FORCE OR FEAR, I use horses peripherally to further the story. I have been a happy horse owner for thirty years. I retired from law enforcement in 2011 and spend my time writing, riding horses, kayaking when weather and time allow as well as traveling. I live in Petaluma, California with my husband, Danny.

In November of 2013, INTENT TO HOLD, the sequel to BY FORCE OR FEAR, won first place in the Oak Tree Press (no longer in business) “Police Blotter” fiction contest. The second Nick and Meredith story is set in Mexico: the partners go to Puerto Vallarta to rescue Nick’s brother-in-law from a crime cartel. In 2017, I launched the third title in the series titled WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT. Malice is set in northern Sonoma County near Lake Sonoma and follows Nick and Meredith on a homicide investigation that throws them into a dangerous plan by White Supremists. All three books are stand alone novels which can be read in any order. They are currently available on Amazon. Soon, Indies United Publishing House will be re-publishing the fourth Nick and Meredith Mystery, FELONY MURDER RULE. The available date is September 208, 2022. Check back for pre-order information.

Upcoming, I don’t see an end to this writing madness. I have a box of notes for new stories to start as soon as the last one is done. My new publisher is Rough Edges Press, an imprint of Wolfpack Publishing

My mission:

Thonie Hevron 2002 Bishop, Ca.
San Rafael PD Meter Maids c 1973
left to right-Marie Morris, Sharon Bunker, Thonie Mulcahy (Hevron)

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Happy to eMeet you, Thonie, as I have seen and commented on your posts on crimewriter sites, admire your LE work, and share with you a deep passion for horses. In fact my Pepper Kane Mysteries are centered on horses, a boutique guest ranch, and Western shows in Oregon, Cali and Texas.
At present I am working on a female fire investigator “inverted detective story”—inspired by one of you guest bloggers.

Carole, your books sound fascinating. I’ll look into them! Funny about your comment about your WIP: my husband is a retired fire captain who also worked as a fire investigator for his department. Talk about having things in common!

Welcome to Thonie's world!

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