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Felony Murder Rule

In this fast-paced story, sheriff’s detective Meredith Ryan surprises an intruder leaning over her baby’s crib in the middle of the night. The death of her father the next day leads her to look into his past where she discovers her father was involved in a robbery and homicide many years ago. Working through a web of deceit and mystery, she discovers the robbery and homicide are connected to the mysterious man in her nursery. With Nick, her husband, they unravel her father’s involvement in the robbery/homicide. The loot from the robbery has been long sought by competing crime rivals who are trying to use her family as bargaining chips. Meredith and Nick must find the truth in the next 24 hours before the criminals close in on her family. 

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Cover of By Force or Fear
By Force or Fear

The shocking end to a hostage situation brings a courageous Sheriff’s Deputy to the attention of an powerful young judge. His obsession grows as she pursues a violent killer in the Sonoma wine country. After losing almost everyone close to her, she finds out the judge’s offer of security isn’t as interesting as she thought. As she closes in on the murderer, the judge’s own trap snaps shut, nearly killing her and her partner.

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Cover of Intent to Hold
Intent to Hold

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Reyes answers a call from his estranged wife in Mexico to help find her kidnapped brother. When he and his partner Meredith Ryan arrive, they are betrayed and caught by the police, they are sent home. Returning to Puerto Vallarta secretly, the detectives battle nature, Federales, crime cartels and even Nick’s own family to rescue his brother-in-law. To complicate their mission, Nick must face the end of his marriage while Meredith hasn’t yet put her own nightmares to rest.

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Cover of With Malice Aforethought
With Malice Aforethought

Felony Murder Rule available through in print version only for $16.99. Check here for link to Kindle/eBook version.

Sheriff’s Violent Crimes Detectives investigating a murder stumble into an army of white nationalist extremists in the remote Sonoma County hills. Fighting to survive against the militia and the hostile environment, they uncover a plot to release a dangerous pathogen into the local water supply and devastate the local law enforcement agencies.

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For Sonoma County readers, check out the Facebook page, Local Authors Distributor, Jeane Slone who appears at local events weekly including some Farmers Markets. All books are for sale.

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