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Intent to Hold progress report


The second draft of Intent to Hold is done. However, this doesn’t mean my work is finished. It’s been edited, read by beta readers and re-edited. I still have a few manuscripts out to readers and when they return, I’ll do the editing all over again. Invariably, someone will see something that I didn’t, didn’t see something that I did, or the story needs fixing here or there. This is the way of it.  

Next comes the cover. I am working with Bob Crosby on that. He’s a Santa Rosa photographer and Picasa whiz who in his former life was a photo-journalist. His work is wonderful. I’ll also have to get blurbs for promotion, write my own short teasers for the cover, and so on.

I’m considering a print copy this time. My ebook will be out first, by the end of November, if all goes well. I hope to also have a book available in the next months, as well, but that is a lesser priority. I am also fer sure going to set up a deal where a reader can buy By Force or Fear for .99 cents if they buy Intent to Hold. I expect to retail it (ebook, anyway) for $3.99.

This is the Bay of Banderas looking south. It is in this beautiful area of Mexico that Intent to Hold is set.
This is the Bay of Banderas looking south. It is in this beautiful area of Mexico that Intent to Hold is set.

It seemed to take a long time to get this book out (actually just over a year) but I think you’ll like it. My readers have said it has delves deeper into the two main characters, Nick Reyes and Meredith Ryan but is still packed with action and adventure. Intent to Hold is about the two Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy investigators who go to Mexico to help Nick’s estranged wife ransom her brother where they get caught in the middle of a cartel war.

I hope I piqued your interest.


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you have been a busy girl!!

haven’t decided on tahoe yet. i’m having trouble deciding.

and, i spoke with bud on sunday. everytime i talk with him i think i should go vsit.

decisions, decisions. not one of my stronger points.

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