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Writer’s Notes: Just Do It

As it’s already January 4th, I’ll bet you’re getting pretty tired of “the year in review,” “turn a new leaf” style posts.

January 2019

Thonie reading at Redwood Writers Club

By Thonie Hevron

As it’s already January 4th, I’ll bet you’re getting pretty tired of “the year in review,” “turn a new leaf” style posts. I can only hope this one will be different. I’m not going to impart any organizational wisdom, teach you a new mystical path to follow or suggest that, in any way, I know something that you don’t.

The thing is: you already know what you need to do be a better you-financially, professionally, spiritually, and physically. You just need to do it. No excuses. If now really isn’t the time, schedule it for later. But schedule it.

2018 was the worst year of my life. I’ve heard that from many others, too. 2019 is more promising but some lingering issues are already casting shadows over my bright shiny new year. To add a note of optimism, the mister and I have several exciting trips planned this year–a wonderous prospect in itself. This time last year, the only trip we could plan was to the Emergency Department. Things are SO much better today. And, I keep plugging along. One thing I learned from 2018’s trials is wallowing in misery gets me nowhere—fast. Sure, my workload has grown, external pressures push at my patience but isn’t that the way of life? It’s always something—the body doesn’t discern between good and bad stress. Here, I have to thank God for my faith. He is what propels me onward, striving to be better at this human thing.

My Boomer generation bought into an idealism that is, in my opinion, unattainable, an illusion. It’s caused many of us to become embittered, maybe even helped foster the divisiveness that separates our great nation. Is it possible I missed the boat on idealism? I like the beauty of sunset, cute puppies, and warm, fuzzy moments. In fact, I LOVE all those things. But after the sunset, comes dark; puppies grow up; and moments are gone in a heartbeat. Utopia does not exist. Life is not a Magnolia magazine spread. It’s fine and gritty, sweet and sour, sometimes both at the same time.

Recovering from my self-indulgent moment, I’ve come to realize that moving forward, keeping after my goal (dream? prize? it is whatever you want to call it) is the only thing I can do. I can finish that fourth book, I can get back in the saddle, I can stretch my marketing wings. They may be baby steps, but I’ll be moving forward. Standing still isn’t for me.   

In conclusion, I want to say my purpose is to pat you on the back for showing up and let you know you’re not in this alone.

Keep it up.

By Thonie Hevron

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What a wonderful post, Thonie! Yes, 2018 was not that great a year for many–but your post puts it all into perspective very well, indeed. So true…puppies grow up…

Health, happiness, and prosperity, for both you and “The Mister”in 2019 and on!

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