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Update on Anaheim PD’s K-9 Bruno

On March 20, 2014, Bruno, an Anaheim PD K-9 was injured on duty (IOD in the jargon). Here’s the Anaheim PD update on our doggie hero. He suffered a setback earlier with an often fatal episode called “Bloat”. There are several different terms for it. I know because Jekki, a very dear K-9 I worked with, died from this. His handler and partner was my friend Lieutenant (he was a patrolman in those days at Bishop PD) Phil West of Mono County Sheriff. Phil was doing mounted work with the Forest Service in the Inyo National Forest over an hour south of Bishop. Jekki stayed at home with Phil’s family. Late one evening just after I’d come on duty, I got a frantic call from Phil’s wife, Karen. Jekki was down and needed help. She bundled him up and had a neighbor (or one of her kids) drive her to the nearest vet–over forty minutes away, even speeding. Officer Rich Perkins had come on duty and heard me take the phone call. While I called the vet at home, Rich rolled to the Bishop Vet Hospital and met Karen. Jekki died during surgery. Karen and Phil both appreciated that Rich was there during Jekki’s last moments.

It was three days later that Rich was killed in a traffic accident while rolling to back an officer out with a drunk driver.

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Bruno Anaheim PD
Bruno Anaheim PD

From Anaheim PD’s webpage, Friends of Anaheim PD K-9:

April 8th 2014 – 11:16 am: Bruno is continuing to move forward with his recovery. He is making progress with learning to drink on his own again, and although it takes a great deal of effort on his part, it is a big step in the right direction. Over the weekend Bruno and RJ were able to spend some time together and even go outside for some fresh air.

April 4th 2014 – 12:31pm: We are happy to report that after the setback earlier this week, Bruno is continuing his recovery, and in the words of his doctors, “he is healing at an amazing rate!” There is still a long road ahead for Bruno’s recovery, as he adapts to all the changes to his mouth and re-learns how to eat and drink on his own. He has proven how strong he is and that he wants to get better and go home with his family! All of the good wishes and support sent have been invaluable.

April 2nd 2014 – 9:18am : Late last night Bruno had a 2-hour emergency surgery for a serious condition called Bloat. What Is Bloat? Bloat occurs when the dog’s stomach fills with air, fluid and/or food. The enlarged stomach puts pressure on other organs, can cause difficulty breathing, and eventually may decrease the blood supply to a dog’s vital organs. Often the term “bloat” is used to refer to a life-threatening condition that requires immediate veterinary care known as gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), gastric torsion and twisted stomach. Even with immediate treatment, this is a very serious medical condition. Luckily Bruno was already at the Yorba Regional Animal Hospital, and their attentive medical staff recognized his condition. Bruno was in a lot of pain, but the surgery was very successful in stopping the condition. Please continue to keep our Bruno in your thoughts, as he still has a long recovery ahead.

April 1st 2014 – 1:33pm: Officer RJ Young and Bruno enjoyed some time outside together. RJ says his boy is acting much more like himself, curiously sniffing everything around him. Bruno has a long recovery ahead of him, and tires very easily, but it’s great to see him making such strides.

March 28th 2014 – 12:11PM: Bruno’s damaged lungs are functioning properly. Surgery this morning went well. “It was a very successful surgery,” said Lt. Tim Schmidt. “They took his breathing tube out, and he’s healing exactly they way they want him to.”

March 27th 2014 – 3:00PM: Bruno is continuing to improve and show good signs. As a result, his medical team will likely proceed with a follow-up surgery tomorrow to both examine his lung and remove the drainage tube. Bruno will also have additional reconstruction work on his jaw. Our APD family thanks you for your ongoing support and well wishes for our hero!

March 24th 2014 – 7:34PM:  Our Bruno continues to thrive and show us how strong and determined he is. Here is a look at Bruno today up and walking. His medical team is very happy with his substantial progress thus far.

March 23rd 2014 – 7:53PM: “We could see more of ‘Bruno’ in his eyes today,” writes Officer Brett Klevos. Bruno took a short walk and ate his first meal on his own today. He also received blood from his APD K-9 colleague, Ares. Click the link to see a short clip of his recovery progress.

March 23rd 2014 – 12:21PM: Bruno continues to improve day by day. There is no sign of infection so far and he continues to rest and heal. Doctors have started to introduce a nutrient-rich slurry to give Bruno’s digestive system something to do since he’s been fed via IV since the surgery.

March 22nd 2014 – 7:55AM: Update: Police Captain says “he’s a tough dog who did his job well yesterday. He’s a hero”

March 21st 2014 – 8:36PM: Bruno continues to show steady progress. He is much more alert and attentive to all of the activity around him. He is receiving the absolute best medical care and there are very caring family members and staff with him at all times. His handler was finally able to get some much needed rest today. Thank you for the continual support and well wishes!

March 21st 2014 – 2:38PM: Bruno is doing well and sitting up proudly!! His fabulous Doctors want him to rest so his visitors are very limited, except of course for his partner, Officer RJ Young. You keep fighting Bruno!

March 21st 2014 – 9:51AM: Our Bruno continues his fight for survival and recovery, with the next 12-18 hours being crucial. Bruno slept off and on throughout the night, and is heavily sedated, with significant pain & trauma. We are overwhelmed by the love & support we are receiving and are humbled by the outpouring. Thank you!

March 20th 2014 – 6:30PM: Our Bruno is expected to be in surgery for 3 hours. Thank you for your continuing support for him and his handler, Officer Young.

March 20th 2014 – 5:33PM: This is our K9 Bruno, who was shot today and is in surgery. The Anaheim Police family greatly appreciates the support and good wishes that we are receiving.

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