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Thonie Hevron
Thonie Hevron

By Skye Blaine

I met author Thonie Hevron three and a half

years ago when I was a new Redwood Writers

member. At the first meeting I attended,

she came up and introduced herself. Her warmth and interest

made me feel welcomed and valued.

The title of her newest novel, Intent to Hold, implies

the tension you will find in the book. Her

police procedural is chock full of engaging people

and plenty of action. Even though the story

line includes murder, mayhem, and drug cartels in

Mexico, the themes of the book are positive: the

main characters show courage and honesty, even

under pressure. They back each other up. They

care beyond the job. They are complicated people I

enjoyed spending time with. It was hard to put the

book down to go to bed!

Each book in the Nick and Meredith series

takes its title from a section of the California penal code:

By Force or Fear, Intent to Hold, and her upcoming

novel, Malice of Forethought—

powerful, memorable titles. At the front of the books, she

offers the corresponding section of the penal code,

which sets the tone for her novels. Hevron, who was employed in the

police field for much of her adult life, once experienced

working for a chief in Southern California with

questionable ethics. This difficult experience has

flavored her writing life: she writes for cops

and wants to encourage them to maintain their

integrity. The end, she says, does not

justify the means.

She comes from a writing family. She told me

that her stepfather, who served in the military

policeand as a deputy US Marshall, provided the

role model for Nick, an honest, loyal, and

complex character. She explained that she outlines

her novel as she begins writing, but sometimes a minor character

hijacks the story, must be heard, and drives her to

re-envision the plot line. She encourages aspiring

writers to “keep their butts in the chair” and feels

it’s a must to join a critique group.

Even though Hevron is traditionally published

by a small press, she says she still has to do a lot

of marketing: interviews, blog posts twice a week,

cold-calling police officer associations, speaking

engagements on process, and readings.


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By Thonie Hevron

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