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The Setting

As I hammer out the eleventh hour re-writes on the prologue, I fall under the spell of the setting of my novel, Sonoma County, more precisely Forestville and the Russian River area. The scenery and weather have roles as strong as any character. In fact, in my first draft, the climax occurred as the heroine battled the antagonist while her house was being shattered by a monstrous mudslide. Exciting but a bit predictable so I changed it. The story takes place over a period of two months–winter months, complete with rain, flood and a mudslide (not at the climax).

Thought you might like a summary of the story. Heroine Meredith Ryan is a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy wrestling with an unraveling marriage damaged by her career and an officer involved shooting. When her husband is killed in a  seemingly random hit-and-run accident, she turns to her former partner for help. Superior Court Judge Stephen Giroud witnessed Ryan’s heroic shooting incident and becomes more than infatuated with her. Promoted to detective, her first homicide case promises exciting chases–in vehicles and on foot–shoot-outs and more!

It is my hope that the reader will be entertained throughout the twist and turns in this story. Rest assured, Isabel Allende won’t lift an eyebrow of concern. This is not a literary masterpiece but a fun ride to escape your daily drudges!

By Thonie Hevron

Mysteries to keep you reading through the night.

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