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This bus was the model for the Sayulita to Bucerias bus used in my story.
This bus was the model for the Sayulita to Bucerias bus used in my story.

I have a soft target of mid to late November to publish my next book, INTENT TO HOLD. The title refers to a criminal element in the California Penal Code 207PC Kidnapping.

Here’s the story: Nick’s estranged wife calls him from her parents’ home in Mexico, asking for help negotiating the ransom for her kidnapped brother. When his partner, Meredith, volunteers to help, the criminals don’t stand a chance. The two Sonoma County Sheriff’s Detectives operate outside of Mexican law and their own law enforcement code of ethics to rescue Nick’s brother-in-law. Chased by crooked cops, federales and two cartel armies, this story has wall-to-wall action, suspense and a touch of romance.

To whet the reader’s appetite, I have photos of items I used in the story. The first is a bus that Nick and Meredith used to escape from cartel goons, from the fictional area in the jungle between Sayulita and Bucerias on the west coast of Mexico. Here’s a description from the book:

With a squeal of brakes the bus pulled to a stop. Relatively new, the one side was decorated with a vibrantly painted mural of the Virgin Mary, her peaceful face and outstretched arms rested under a film of dust as thick as a finger. Above the tailpipe, graffiti in red and black showed the Norteno star.

Kelty Bender backpack
Kelty Bender backpack

Our intrepid travelers use back packs for their personal items. Meredith Ryan’s is similar to my own: a Kelty Bender Day Pack.

Keen sandals
Keen sandals

She wears Keen shoes in addition to her usual jeans and tee-shirt. These workhorse shoes make it easier to travel from the ocean to the beach to the mountains.

Thule crossover backpack-Nick's pack
Thule Crossover Backpack-Nick’s pack

Nick has a duffel/backpack modeled after one my husband had years ago. I found an updated version that is the model for our


1959 Chevy Impala-imagine a smudge of gray primer and you've got our gangster's car
1959 Chevy Impala-imagine a smudge of gray primer and you’ve got our gangster’s car

One of the more tasteful gangsters drives a blue and gray primered 59 Chevy Impala with tuck and roll upholstery.

More teases to come!

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