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Still waiting…

While has published BY FORCE OR FEAR, the conversion to Kindle, Amazon, B & N, Kobo, Sony and Diesel haven’t yet passed the manual vetting process. On June 11, my book was submitted to what the publishers call “Premium Catalog” which means it will be available to all the above once it is accepted. Hoops to jump through, to be sure, but necessary if I want to do this right.  I’ll put the word out loud and clear when it comes out. As it is now, thanks to the readers who bought my book through
More about the story:
I set it in Sonoma County for obvious reasons–I live here and know it well. I have worked for several law enforcement agencies including Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department. It should be obvious how much I respect it.

But a few more notes about setting: When I first wrote this book in the late 90’s, the County Courthouse was situated around a quad found in the scene where Meredith shoots the old man with a knife. The SCSD was on the east side of the building with the front door off the Quad. The department has since moved into it’s own new building on Ventura Dr. I chose to stay with the scene as I orignally wrote it for expediency. I needed Judge Stephen Giroud to witness Meredith’s officer involved shooting, and the courtrooms are on the second floor with huge plate glass windows overlooking the Quad. Perfect.  I also kept Community Hospital (now Sutter Health) and the field adjacent to Norton-then Oakcrest Mental Health facility. As for the chases, foot and car, these were fictional spin-offs of every back road I’ve ever been on between Santa Rosa and the coast.

I hope I’ve done justice to the portrayal of Sonoma County’s beauty-even in the soggy winter.

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