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is on sale!

By Thonie Hevron

Today, my publisher, Rough Edges Press, has put BY FORCE OR FEAR, book one of the Meredith Ryan Mysteries, on sale for .99 cents on Amazon! This great deal is only available on Amazon through September 26th.

The shocking end to a hostage situation brings Meredith Ryan, a courageous Sheriff’s Deputy, to the attention of a powerful young judge.

As the magistrate’s obsession grows, he continues exercising his considerable influence, and Meredith is stuck juggling the inner workings of her career—all the while tracking down a violent killer in the Sonoma wine country.

After losing almost everyone close to her, Meredith realizes that she must take a stand. Even if it costs her. But as Meredith is finally closing in on the Sonoma murderer, she gets snared in a trap that she may not walk out of alive.

By Force or Fear is a police procedural thriller about a brave, young deputy who identifies and faces her enemies—both within herself and the real world. Unlock its gripping pages today and experience book one in a thrilling series readers can’t put down!

Look for the five adventures of Meredith Ryan on Amazon.

Writer's Notes

Getting It Right


Peterson Winery, Dry Creek Valley. The hills in the distance are the setting for With Malice Aforethought
Peterson Winery, Dry Creek Valley. The hills in the distance are the setting for With Malice Aforethought

By Thonie Hevron

I’m baaaaccck! With a major move behind us and the holidays just a fond memory, I started back to work this week. Tonight, I resume attendance at my critique group. Some of that work time was putting pages together and being sure I’d edited their submissions.

With Malice Aforethought, the third Nick and Meredith Mystery

I’ve done some major restructuring due to the information from retired Sonoma County Sheriff’s Captain Mike Brown. He has been able to take my plot lines and make suggestions to increase the accuracy of the procedures. Some would say, “Who cares how accurate that part of your story is?” I cannot write something I know isn’t true. As a reader, when I come across something that I know is incorrect (especially in an area where I have some expertise), I write off the whole book. Depending on the level of error, I may even dump it.

I don’t want to write that book. I know too many cops who read to think I can “get away” with what is less than real or honest.

So, back to work. This drive for truth has blossomed to another part of my story. A sub-plot involves main character Meredith Ryan’s father. He’s in the hospital and has no one to make decisions about his care. He’d previously forged Meredith’s signature on a Durable Power of Attorney so when the hospital contacts Meredith, she is surprised. Who from the hospital contacts the family; what kind of choices are there? Many questions.

There is much to research to be done so I can get it right.

Details matter.