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First place!

Without Due Caution, the latest Meredith Ryan Mystery, was awarded first prize in the unpublished fiction (longform or novel) category on July 16th, 2023 in Las Vegas at the Public Safety Writers Conference Writing Contest. The novel was entered in the unpublished category as it had not yet been published. The closing date for contest entry was April 1st but the pub date was June 27, 2023. This book was the final in a five-book deal with Rough Edges Press (REP) an imprint of Wolfpack Publishing. My thanks to Jake Bray, Patience Bramlett, Rachel Santino, and the whole team at REP.

Without Due Caution

When Deputy Sheriff Meredith Ryan’s nemesis calls in an old debt, she undertakes a mission to find a missing thirteen-year-old girl—uncovering a dark world of human trafficking along the way.

With time running out and the missing girl’s life on the line, Meredith enlists the help of a trusted colleague, Deb Lang, to help her navigate the treacherous terrain of the criminal underworld. But as they pursue the truth, they encounter numerous obstacles—including a manipulative mother intent on using her daughter’s disappearance for her own gain and a fledgling crime boss who sees Meredith as a threat.

Danger lurking at every turn, Meredith and Deb must push themselves to the limit to find the missing girl, uncover a murderer, and bring a dangerous criminal to justice.

Where to find Without Due Caution: Amazon eBook free on Kindle Unlimited or $3.49   Or Amazon paperback $14.99

James L'Etoile, winner of the Marilyn Meredith Award for Fiction, Longform
James L’Etoile, winner of the Marilyn
Meredith Award for Fiction, longform
and me, first place longform
unpublished fiction
John Bluck and Thonie Hevron
John Bluck, author of Mayhem at Sea,
second place unpublished fiction,
longform and me–both Rough Edges
Press authors.
Mystery Readers Only Writer's Notes

News from Rough Edges Press

By Thonie Hevron

I feel fortunate to have landed such a pro-active publisher. Jake Bray at Rough Edges Press makes all the years of “backyard publishers” worth it. I thought I’d share the promotional email they sent out for With Malice Aforethought (published 5/16/2023) that includes an author article from me about how creepy it was to write this novel. Be sure to scroll down the newsleter for the two other just published Rough Edges Press mysteries as well as blurbs about my first two books. You can sign up for the weekly newsletter and/or sign up to be an advance reader and read new books free!