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Ramblings: Multi-tasking Cop

We’re baaaack! Time to read Hal Collier and Ed Meckle’s stories of past years at LAPD. They are funny, thought-provoking, infuriating or just plain worthy of a head-slap.  

By Hal Collier, Retired LAPD

Police work is not all cops and robbers, blood and guts, and life and death. That’s just thrown in to break up the monotony. We often have moments where we almost seem normal to the general public.

graumannsAn example, I was working off duty at a movie premier and the after-premier party. I was in the parking lot behind the Chinese Theater. As usual, I had worked the day shift and was now into my 14th hour of work. Tired? No, I was young and indestructible and needed some extra money for my kids’ summer camp (which I don’t remember agreeing to). I was in the public eye and acting as professional as I knew how. That means no scratching your privates or picking your nose. Well, I thought I was acting professional.

Now, I was chewing gum—bubble gum, to be exact—and as I am a talented multi-tasked individual, I was also blowing bubbles. I thought I was due for a promotion due to my numerous talents. I was wrong!


So, there I am standing in the parking lot surrounded by celebrities and those who think they are. I had just blown a big bubble that even impressed my partner. I hear a loud laugh and turned to the sound. It’s a well-known female actress/director, she exclaims, “Did you see that cop? He just blew a big bubble.” I got the impression that she thought we were some kind of subspecies unable to chew gum, let alone blow bubbles.

Another liberal Hollywood star!


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