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Roll Call: Short Dog #3

By Mikey, Retired LAPD

Prison doctorDoc Moggie and the Burglar
Doc “Moggie” was a medical doctor who was the pre-misdemeanor booking MD who screened arrestees for any medical issues prior to booking. He lived in the Highland Park area of LA, which was patrolled by Northeast Division.

One evening while at home Doc Moggie was confronted by a burglar who pretty much had his way including leaving the Doctor seriously injured from a severe beating. Several months passed before the good doctor returned to work, but considering the beating the man received, he recovered well enough that he had no signs of the injuries.

Fast forward a couple of months after the doctor’s return to duty. A Northeast morning watch patrol unit made a drunk-in-public arrest and transported the man to jail division. Prior to him being booked, the officers took him to the dispensary for his medical check. It was about 0200 so the nurse had to go and wake Doc Moggie for the exam. Now, the arrestee was handcuffed, sitting in a sofa-type chair and leaning back on his handcuffed hands. One officer was filling out the paper work and the other standing next to the seated arrestee. The nurse reentered the dispensary followed by Doc Moggie. The doctor seated himself behind his desk and started to ask the arrestee the medical questions, when for the first time, Moggie looked up at the arrestee.

Police-Station-Booking-Los-Angeles-Filming-Location-1024x682According to the officers, Moggie yelled, “You son of a bitch,” leaped over his desk ran to the seated arrestee and began to knock the hell out of the man. The stunned officers and nurse could not believe their eyes!

The officers, thinking Moggie had “lost it,” pulled the still swinging doctor off the arrestee and got between the two.
The nurse yelled, “Stop.”

Doc Moggie’s response, “That’s the son of a bitch that broke into my home and beat me!”

So, Doc Moggie got his physical revenge, the arrestee was booked for burglary, the coppers saw old fashion justice and the nurse never looked at the doctor the same way again.

Noxzema and the 5150

Original_Noxzema_cobalt_blue_jar_2014-06-19_15-42At 0740, near our end of watch, my partner and I were northbound Figueroa St. at Marmion Way. We were returning from jail division just having booked a man with a warrant.

A group of pedestrians saw us and start frantically pointing at an apartment building. There for all the world to see is a naked man standing next to an opened 3rd floor window throwing records, vinyl’s, LPs, you get it, out the window. We stop the cruiser, enter the building and proceed to the 3rd floor to the man’s apartment. The door was unlocked so we pushed it open.

For the first time, I see what we are up against. He has covered himself with Noxzema and his own fecal matter. The odor was overbearing! Before we could attempt any form of dialog, the man charged us. The fight was on!

Back up units arrived shortly after we had the guy handcuffed, but the officers would not enter the apartment. The LAFD paramedics arrived and they wrapped the guy in several sheets to transport him to county general hospital. My partner and I were not very popular at the hospital or when we arrived back to the station.

We proceeded to the garage where we disrobed and were given arrestee gowns. Our equipment remained in the garage while my partner and I showered. The unit was towed downtown for whatever. I don’t think it ever came back to Northeast.

I can’t remember what the new equipment and uniforms cost, but I’ve still got that pungent odor playing itself around in my head.


By Thonie Hevron

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I knew Doctor Moggie from many trips to the Jail Div. I loved his attitude to the bottom feeders of the city. He was professional yet had that cynical cop view of his clients. I ruined many a uniform wresting with the citizens of LA. Mikey thanks for the memories!

Welcome to Thonie's world!

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