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Resetting Goals

I spent more than one sleepless night trying to figure how I was going to write 1,000 words every day-7 days a week for 45 days, plus keep the blog going, PLUS have a life (husband, horse, pooches, etc). The goal was to have a body of work to submit to a contest. Well, not just any contest: Public Safety Writer Association (PSWA) Writers’ Contest.  My manuscript, Probable Cause, came in third last year in the unpublished novel. This was a national contest so understandably, I was excited. That book has been subsequently renamed–By Force or Fear–and published as an ebook by Amazon. The first draft of my new book, Intent to Hold, is now just over half completed. Calculating writing, beta readers, editing, then re-writing, meant I could only squeak by with 45 days of actual writing.
Here’s the kicker: those who have read Intent to Hold say it is a better book than the first. Maybe I’ll do better than 3rd place…
Sitting in church this morning, wobbly from lack of sleep, it came to me. There are other contests. I can still enter my first draft if I want to PWSA, or I can wait until next year when it will be completed and polished.
Damn right. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Keep writing at my “normal” pace for now. When the PSWA deadline draws closer, I’ll decide which options to chose.   

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