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It seems that I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on the progress of my second (sequel) book. I am pleased to say that while most of October was pretty busy with other things, I’ve been pounding the keyboard the past week. I am at 28,000 words of an estimated 80,000 word book–over a quarter of the way. With lots more hard work, I hope to meet my spring deadline for publishing Intent to Hold. The title refers to an element of kidnapping which is the central crime in book number two of Nick and Meredith’s adventures.

I’ve also been re-thinking a print copy and have decided to avoid the distraction. Book two will also be an ebook.

Blog news

The readership numbers of my blog have increased enough that I would like to re-name it. Below are contenders for the title. Please let me know which is your favorite–or not. If you have any suggestions, I would be happy to consider them.

  • Behind the Badge (I think a bit cliche, over-used)
  • Cop Stories 101 (a little too basic?)
  • Crime Writing 101 (blah…)
  • Blue Brotherhood (doesn’t’ really do it for me…)

Let me hear from you!

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Crime Writing 101 is not blah to me. Identifies what you’re doing (does it, it your mind?) It’s easy to remember – always helpful. Kinda cute.
“Just the Facts, ma’am!” (Is that trademarked?)

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