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Multi-tasking: Paty Jager

I would say anyone who isn’t in a coma or traction is a multi-tasker. Life is full of multiple things you have to do every day to live.

Multi-tasking is a Part of Life by Paty Jager

Haunting Corpse 5x8I would say anyone who isn’t in a coma or traction is a multi-tasker. Life is full of multiple things you have to do every day to live.

But an author has to be a highly skilled multi-tasker. And a self-published author has to be even more so.

For example: I finish a book, it is sent to my critique partners (CPs). While it’s gone, I start planning out the next book, and depending on how long it takes the CPs, I start writing it. I’m on a roll and the first book comes back from the CPs. Now, I need to work on the suggestions they’ve made and send it out to the next level of reader. The manuscript is sent on, and I go back to the book I’d started. Oh! I just heard from a box set I’m in that we need to promote that because the ranking is going down. I do that, and remember that I haven’t promoted the last books in my two series lately. I do that and get back to writing the book.

20171006_155217The first book comes back for more revisions. I’ve been in contact with my cover designer (Covered by CLKeerins and my eBook cover is ready. When the revisions are done, I send that to my line editor and get back to the second book. Oh, and I’ve been asked to be in another multi-author project. I look at my white board with all my projects and see I can fit it in and agree to that.

I’m writing on book two and the line edits come back. Now I go through book one another time and then format it for eBook. When that’s done, I upload it to the eBook vendors and then make a print format to upload to Ingram Spark. But first I have to let my cover designer know the pages so she can make the print version of the cover. When the inside is formatted, I wait for the cover and write on book two while also promoting the eBooks I just put up on the vendor sites. In some cases, I do a big release party or blog tour but not always. If so, then I would be arranging that while I was writing book one.

Oh, and I forgot- while spending 6-8 hours a day at the writing career, I’m also feeding horses twice a day, letting dogs in and out of the house, feeding my husband three meals, doing laundry, cleaning house, and I’m at my husband’s beck and call to help with haying, fixing irrigation pipes, and any task he has that requires extra hands. And quite often entertaining family and friends or traveling to workshops and conferences.

Multi-tasking is a part of everyday life.


Haunting Corpse- book 9 in the Shandra Higheagle Mystery series (

A runaway bride, murder, and arson has Shandra Higheagle sleuthing again. Sorting through the debris of her best friend’s childhood, Shandra believes she must solve the murder before her friend becomes the next victim.
Stumbling upon a dead body, Detective Ryan Greer is determined to bring the killer to justice before Shandra becomes too entangled in her friend’s dysfunctional past. He hopes he’s not too late. Her deceased grandmother has already visited her dreams, putting Shandra in the middle of his investigation and danger.

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Paty Jager 2017 (314x400)Paty Jager is an award-winning author of 32 novels, 6 novellas, and numerous anthologies of murder mystery, western romance, and action adventure. All her work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters. This is what Mysteries Etc says about her Shandra Higheagle mystery series: “Mystery, romance, small town, and Native American heritage combine to make a compelling read.”
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