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Just the Facts, Ma’am closes

This will be the last you hear from me on this site. As with all good things, Just the Facts, Ma’am (JtFM) will come to a close. It’s not for lack of stories, to be sure. A dearth of time is the culprit. I have a book to finish. And after almost losing the mister last year, family has become that much more precious. They only ask my time.

Thonie Hevron

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank LAPD alum Hal Collier—the guy who started it all. His stories emailed to other LAPD retirees became the bulwark of JtFM. Thank you to Gerry Goldshine, an early contributor. Mikey sent us his memories once a month. Sometimes we laughed; sometimes we cried. Thanks, Mikey for your moving words. Ed Meckle became the most prolific writer in the JtFM and has earned my gratitude. Ron Corbin came to the party late but gave us all a lot to laugh about. Thanks, Ron. There were other writers, to be sure. Take a moment to scan through the posts for some interesting stories from the guys who’ve been there, done that.

For two years, I hosted Writers Notes. Other authors posted themed stories with links to their work. I met some terrific folks who I’ll continue to call friends. There are some great writing tips in those posts–available for another year.

As for me, I’m still putting the finishing touches on what was Felon with a Firearm but is now Felony Murder Rule. It is off to beta readers already. My list of readers reads like a who’s who of local law enforcement: Mike Brown, retired captain and homicide detective and Will Wallman, retired sergeant (Coroner’s Office) both from Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office and Mike McBride, retired Marin County District Attorney’s Investigator. Also, Karen Lynch, retired Homicide Investigator from San Francisco Police Department and author of Good Cop, Bad Daughter. These fine folks promise an authentic reading experience.

Once I get their feedback, it’ll be more keyboard time to make corrections and such. It looks like I’m closing in on the final draft of the fourth Nick and Meredith Mystery. Boy, is it a good feeling! So you won’t see me on my blog Just the Facts, Ma’am anymore but I will be at work. I’ll continue to email quarterly notes about the progress of my books, appearances, and so on. If you’re interested, sign up at

Thanks for your loyal readership. It’s been great.

Thonie Hevron

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Good for you for making this decision, Thonie, but I will miss the blog. I’ve enjoyed following it, learned some things, and benefited from being an occasional guest.

Good luck on your projects,
Judy Alter

Thanks for the kind words, Judy. You’re one of the authors I consider my friend. There will be another writerly incarnation down the road on my website. I’ll be in touch but would love to hear from you between now and then.

The man who talks too much is at a loss for words. Three [3] years ago 5-23-16 I sent my first submission and surprise, surprise you liked and accepted it. Now 88 entries later it all ends as every thing must. The last three years have been not only a blur but almost a rebirth as I remembered long ago events and you giving me a chance to share. I shall miss the great and I mean great stories from Hal, Mikey et al. as I laughed , cried and rode with them. And you Mrs. T are and always have been a jewel and a gem. Thank you for everything. May you and the Mister have countless sunsets together..

With sincere affection Ed M

Ah, Thonie, I’ll miss this blog! I understand completely and support you on finishing your novel and spending time with the family. I’ve enjoyed all the shenanigans and from-the-street stories. My former son-in-law was a deputy sheriff, and your blog was one way I was able to stay out of abject fear every time he left the house. Thank you to all your contributors. Their wit and ability to tell a good story kept my heart at an even pace.

Many thanks, Jolynn. I also enjoyed their stories and now, especially, the relationships we’ve formed. Just the Facts will stay up until Nov. 1, 2019, so you can re-read your favorites. Thanks for being a faithful reader!!!

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