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Giving Thanks Day

By Madeline McEwen

First up, I must come clean and admit that I am a Brit, an expat blending in with my American surroundings—I hope.

Second up, as unlikely as it may seem, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday even better than my birthday, although to date that isn’t a national holiday.

Third up, initially I wanted to share a list of things for which I am thankful, partly because I love lists and also because then we might find common ground. However, rarely does a list make riveting reading, although my list of thirteen side dishes, served annually, makes my mouth water with anticipation.
Instead, I have chosen to share a mere three thoughts, nuggets from the jumble of rubbish in my head, which may strike a harmoniously thankful chord … or not.
1. Any time a little gloom threatens to mar my existence, I can glance through the window at the dazzling Californian sunshine, cloudless skies, and my gloriously sustaining, higgledy-piggledy garden.
2. Whenever I am overwhelmed by the complications and circumstances in the world of disabilities and autism, I can escape into a fictional world of my own creation where my characters submit to my dictatorship.
3. I am grateful, many times a day, because the cost of Tetley tea bags is affordable and allows me to feed [or drink] my addiction without too much of a guilty conscience.

Here is a fun link in case you’re worried your list-making obsession is getting out of hand.
Wishing that your Thanksgiving is at least half as great as mine or at most, your best yet.

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Madeline McEwen is an ex-pat from the UK, bi-focaled and technically challenged. She and her Significant Other manage their four offspring, one major and three minors, two autistic, two neurotypical, plus a time-share with Alzheimer’s. In her free time, she walks two dogs and chases two cats with her nose in a book and her fingers on the keyboard.
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And best quote from above:-

A pleasant diversion and a perfectly sized puzzle for PBS Mystery! fans. Kirkus Review

“Highlighting a unique spot on the spectrum.”

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