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Gettin’ down and dirty

Gotta get down and dirty. Plenty of work to be done. Time to get my story “out there”.

I need to accomplish four things this month:

  • Complete the formatting for my story
  • Chose a new title
  • Complete cover art
  • Publish my ebook

I am using Smashwords to accomplish this. They have a prescriptive program for formatting, cover art (and limited illustrations), and finally, publishing.

My timeline is to have this all done by May 1st. Formatting is an ongoing process that I may get done sooner but want to allow plenty of time. Yesterday, I met with my nephew and told him what I had in mind for the cover. Within three hours he had a viable prototype that looked GREAT!! It would have taken me three weeks to duplicate it–if I could have. Thankfully, I won’t have to. He got all excited when I asked him if he could do a YouTube trailer eventually for the book. He even had a terrific suggestion where to film it. You’re a wonder, Kevin Miller!

The new title has proven to be a bit more elusive than I anticipated. PROBABLE CAUSE is the name of a book by thriller writer Ridley Pearson, first published in 1991. It was well known enough that an independent editor suggested a name change.

So here is the story synopsis:

My book, PROBABLE CAUSE, is a 79,000 word suspense/thriller. It is the story of a female deputy detective Meredith Ryan, stunned by her husband’s tragic death, and Judge Stephen Giroud, a man so twisted by power he decides to use any means necessary to pull Meredith into his arms. PROBABLE CAUSE is Michael Connelly’s THE DROP meets Robert Crais’ THE LAST DETECTIVE. As Meredith is promoted to detective, she investigates the rape/murder of an elderly woman, and figures out the cause of her husband’s death as Giroud springs his trap.

My title offerings:


Feel free to drop me a comment with your ideas, especially if you have a better suggestion!

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