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Denver Police Department Shows Their Colors!

Denver Police Department's photo.
This post taken from Facebook 7/13/2015


On July 5, 2015, Denver Police Officers assigned to Denver International Airport learned that an Ethiopian soccer team was stranded on Concourse A. Unable to pay for baggage fees that they were not originally aware of, the players were unable to board their flight. After learning this, Officer Sprague headed to the Concourse A to see if he could lend any assistance in coordinating this issue with the airline. At about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Officer W. Albright and Officer Sprague met with the airline’s passenger supervisor who informed them that the players were short $1,840 for baggage fees and flight change fees due to being denied boarding on their originally booked flight. The officers then met with the soccer team’s captain, and explained that 18 players did not have the funds to pay the unexpected fee, preventing them from continuing their team trip. The officers then went back to the airline’s passenger supervisor and worked out a plan. The airline agreed to waive the baggage fees and some of the other costs, dropping the balance due from over $1,800 to $400. Without hesitation, Officers Greg Ceccacci, Officer J. Sewald, Officer Jode Sprague, and Officer Mark Miller donated their own personal funds to cover the remaining balance.

Thanks to the generosity of these four officers, the once-stranded team was rebooked, and placed on later flights!

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