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Check Out The Thin Blue Line


By Thonie Hevron

The September 2016 issue of the Los Angeles Police Protective League Thin Blue Line will feature an ad for my books, By Force or Fear and Intent to Hold. Designed by Michelle Wing of Las Cruces, New Mexico, I think it blends the covers nicely with a minimum of text. I’m marketing to cops here so I have to pander to a short (microscopic?) attention span. I know. I suffer from the same.

My advertising budget is limited so I decided to spend my bucks where I’d like to find readers. The Thin Blue Line newsletter reaches over 18,000 active and retired LAPD personnel. My books are not fine literature—I have no illusions about them. They’re entertainment, pure and simple. There’s action and adventure steeped in the procedural, authentically rendered world of law enforcement. And just a touch of sex? No. Romance? No. But there is an undeniable attraction (although the characters spend a lot of time denying) based on the premise that they’re partners who trust each other.

If you’re associated with LAPD and receive this newsletter, look up my ad. See if you think it’s as terrific as I do. And feel free to share!


Thonie Hevron
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Thonie, I’ve checked my September Blue Line 4 times and can’t find your ad. I know they usually run a month behind. I submit my retired lunch newsletter and it’s not published for 2 months after. I didn’t know that you knew John Halligan? I’ve never met him but we exchange barbs about our retired lunch groups. Small world. Hal

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Sad but true: Hal Collier contacted me to say he couldn’t find my ad. I contacted the media rep for The Thin Blue Line and she said there’d been a glitch and the ad had not gone it. She said it would be in October’s issue. Hmm.

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