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The subject of this post is near and dear to me: back in my Petaluma PD days, I worked with Tom Swearingen and his wife, Peggy. They were reserves with the department, then Tom went on to Santa Rosa and had a fulfilling career there. Since his retirement, he has re-invented himself with his art. I’m a fan; so is Craig. Check out his website and you might also find art worth spending a little time on.–Thonie

Captain’s Blog, 7-3-15: Happy 4th of July!

By Craig Schwartz, Captain

Santa Rosa, Ca Police Department

SRPD Badge by Tom Swearingen
SRPD Badge by Tom Swearingen

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you all enjoy a great day with family and friends celebrating our nation’s independence. I highly recommend checking out the Red, White, and Boom fireworks show at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds on Saturday night. Also, please think of your pets and make sure they are safe and secure before fireworks start going off. I know…we shouldn’t have individual fireworks displays going off because they’re illegal, right? How could that happen? In any case, a lot of dogs are very frightened by the fireworks and escape their yards every 4th of July. I know I’d be devastated to lose my German Shepherd. Let’s keep ‘em safe.

For this 4th of July I’d like to show you a painting by my friend, mentor and former boss. Tom Swearingen retired from the Santa Rosa Police Department as a Lieutenant several years ago. He has been a mentor of mine since we met while he was doing my background investigation before I was hired in 1992. He supervised me several times during my career and I learned a great deal from him.

Since his retirement, Tom has taken up painting and is now a successful local artist. His work was showcased in the City Council Chambers within the last year. He recently completed a painting that I had to show you all on the 4th of July. Tom’s rendition of the Santa Rosa Police Department badge, reflecting the American Flag, is as patriotic and service-minded as anything I can think of. Tom is now looking to serve California law enforcement agencies and the families of fallen officers by creating and donating custom paintings of the deceased officers’ badges.

Thanks Tom, for your leadership and service over your career, and for your continued service to our profession.

Happy 4th everyone! Be safe.

– Captain Craig Schwartz

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