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Brain Delay… It’s Not Pretty

Brain Delay courtesy of Melissa Kositzin
Brain Delay courtesy of Melissa Kositzin

By Melissa Kositzin

Cute, huh? I made that up all by myself.

Since I am currently thus afflicted, I bring you this lovely post by another dispatcher-blogger I have recently discovered: Dispatchers Are Amazing!

Yes, yes, we are.

And, yes, our department also suffers from the types of officers mentioned therein. Yet, we love them still and work our tails off so that they get safely home to their families each day because we’re all in this together, yes, we are.

And, while I’m in the mood to refer you to other dispatcher-bloggers, you might also want to check out Scratchy Glitter, who recently celebrated her 27th year as a dispatcher… my word. I only hope I get to kick it around that long since I started so late in life!

With that… enjoy your week. Hopefully, my brain will be on demand next week.

By Thonie Hevron

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