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An Award!

I just received this announcement for winning 3rd place at the East Texas Writers Guild for first chapter for With Malice Aforethought, my work in progress (WIP). 



With Malice Aforethought has been selected as the third place winner in the East Texas Writers Guild First Chapter Book Awards, Category II, for 2015.

Here is the link to the official announcement on Venture Galleries.

East Texas Writers Guild Book Award 3rd place 2015
East Texas Writers Guild Book Award 3rd place 2015

I am also including the digital badge that can be placed on the covers of your eBook, printed and placed on your paper books, or added to your Website, blog site, or emails. The badges

may be used in any way you choose to showcase and promote your book.

We were honored that you entered the contest with such fine writing.


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8 replies on “An Award!”

Thonie, congratulations! Another award for your writing and to think I knew you before you had book signings. Hal

This is awesome news for which I send hugs of congratulations. Is MALICE partially set in East Texas? And how did you come across their award? I’d love to see networking about awards as well as promotion.
Again, BIG congrats! Arletta

Contests are how I got published-won first prize in Oak Tree Press’ CopTales contest. A colleague of mine, Madeline Gornell (she comments a lot on my posts), wins a lot of contests and I asked her about it. Her answer was, “Good writing and submit it to every applicable contest.” I’ve no association with East Texas. Go figure. Maybe I’m learning my craft!

Welcome to Thonie's world!