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A Donut Story

A vignette from regular “Ramblings” author Hal Collier.

This had me laughing out loud so I thought I’d share it with you all.

By Hal Collier


It’s a Saturday morning and I’m sitting in my den with the newspaper and a cup of coffee. I also have the television on so I don’t miss any breaking news. Channel 5 KTLA has a show they call Burrous Bites. Chris Burrous is a KTLA reporter and people e-mail him good places to eat in Southern California. Chris visits these places and samples the food. Most don’t interest me as they are in outlying counties or the type of food that I don’t care for.

On this Saturday I’m half-paying attention when Chris visits a donut store. Now, despite common perception that cops eat a lot of donuts, I don’t. I use to eat about two a year when I was working morning watch. You stop at Winchell’s at 4 AM for a cup of coffee. The baker has just set out a tray of fresh cooked donuts. OK, maybe I’ll have a hot cinnamon roll. Two hours later, you remember why you don’t eat donuts. The cinnamon roll sits in the bottom of your stomach, which is now making noises that will alert the enemy of your presence.

A belly bomb if I ever saw one!
A belly bomb if I ever saw one!

Since I retired I haven’t eaten a donut in three years but that was about to change. My wife tells me that Chris Burrous is at the Donut Man in Glendora on Route 66. I set down the sports page and watch as they show donuts filled with fresh strawberries. (see attached photo) They also have peach filled donuts when in season. If you look at the web site they have all kinds of donuts and are open 24 hours a day.

I can barely find Glendora on a map but that’s also about to change. One fine Sunday morning, we finish our shopping at Wal-Mart in Duarte. If I’m going to watch sports for most of the day, I need to do something special for my bride. I can do the dishes, vacuum, or take my wife to The Donut Man. Bet you can guess where we went.

We pull up in front of the Donut Man and see that it’s a busy place but not a cop in sight. Must be a lot of spouses making up for past or future indiscretions Terri comes back with two large boxes. I suspect that we’re buying donuts for all of Eagle Rock. The second box contained fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate for the grandchildren.

Well, I ate mine with a fresh cup of coffee. I’m retired I deserve this. It was good, but I broke my three year ‘no donut’ record.

A few hours later Terri asks, “Was that an earthquake?

“No it was my stomach!”


P.S. Stop at the ATM before you go to the Donut Man–a strawberry filled donut is $4.00. When do peaches come in season?

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